Unleash Unified Communications in Your Conference Room

Many organizations USE unified communications (UC) platforms or consumer video applications to connect employees, vendors, clients and more. These solutions make it easy for employees to communicate via their desktop or laptop computer. But what happens when a group of individuals in one office wants to meet with another group of participants?

Having everyone join individually can get confusing, and crowding around a colleague’s PC in a conference room is uncomfortable. Plus, it deteriorates the audio and visual qualities of the meeting.

THE UC ROOM is a configurable, PC-based solution that allows an organization to extend its desktop video client into a conference room setting. Customers can select from a variety of options for microphones, cameras, and furniture to develop a solution that best fits their needs.

Video is obtained either through a PC card located in the display or from a local laptop connection that automatically switches when engaged. Power management capabilities will turn the display on when a laptop is connected or the mouse is moved.

The display will then automatically turn off when the laptop is disconnected or after a period of inactivity.

Once installed, participants simply walk into the UC Room, activate the display and begin their conference. Participants will experience audio fidelity similar to that of a traditional video conferencing room. In addition, far-end participants will be presented with high levels of audio and video quality.

In a “bring your own platform” approach, participants can choose any software video client including:

  • Microsoft Lync
  • IBM Sametime
  • Cisco Jabber
  • Cisco WebEx (some cameras)
  • Polycom CMA/m100
  • Multipoint Experience Browser
  • ClearOne Collaborate Desktop
  • Skype
  • Google Video Chat

When bundled with Multipoint Experience, organizations can connect up to 25 software or hardware based video systems in a reliable, secure manner.