Connecting a group of local participants with remote participants is a common challenge among organizations with UC&C (Unified communications and collaboration) or other desktop video deployments. Previously, everyone would have to join individually (even if they are in the same location) or participants would have to crowd around a coworker’s PC. Not only does this get uncomfortable, it lowers the audio and video quality of the meeting.

UC Group Systems extend desktop video clients to a conference room setting; allowing participants to enjoy the benefits of a video conference environment. These are configurable, user-friendly solutions that allow end users to use video in the same way and with the same application they would use on their computer.

Video is obtained through various PC options including a built-in PC card, laptop or desktop computer. These systems are “bring your own platform” so participants can use their favorite desktop video client. Different camera, microphone and furniture options allow organizations to customize a system to fit their exact needs.

Organizations can blur the line between consumer and enterprise video and truly extend the reach of collaboration to anyone, anywhere, on any device with the following UC&C Group Systems.

                              > UC ROOM

                              > UC MOBILE